Single Phase Inverters with HD-Wave Technology

A new era for inverter technology

Representing one of the most significant leaps in solar technology in the past 20 years, SolarEdge’s HD-Wave technology is a novel power conversion topology that significantly decreases inverter size and weight, while also achieving record 99% weighted efficiency. Activating and configuring the inverter is now done directly through your smartphone using the SetApp mobile application.

Three Phase Inverters

Making three phase installations easier

SolarEdge's next generation of low power, three phase inverters for the residential market features multiple design improvements, making it smaller, lighter and easier to install than previous models. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor installations, these inverters run quieter than before following an upgrade to the internal fan and removal of the external fan. Activating and configuring the inverter is now done directly through your smartphone using the SetApp mobile application.

SolarEdge Advantages

More power equals more revenue and more savings on electricity bills. In traditional string inverter systems, one underperforming module reduces the performance of an entire string. 

With SolarEdge, each module produces at its maximum ability at all times, ensuring greater energy yield from the entire system

SafeDC™ is a built-in module-level safety feature which minimises electrocution risk. To maintain string 

voltage below risk levels, power optimizers are designed to automatically switch into safety mode, in 

which the output voltage of each module will be reduced to a safe level.


Our design flexibility allows you to utilize available roof space better. A wide variety of string lengths 

is possible with no requirement for matching string lengths. Longer strings lower BoS costs. The size 

and layout of an array is no longer defined by electrical constraints. Shaded modules do not bring 

down the entire string performance, and modules power rating, bin, and type can be mixed in multiple 

orientations or tilts, in the same string. 

SolarEdge provides the opportunity to sell more modules and make each installation more profitable.


SolarEdge products are built for long-term performance, with industry-leading warranties of 25 years 

for smart module performance and 15 years for the smart module, 25 years for power optimizers, 12 

years for inverters, and free monitoring for 25 years. Affordable extended inverter warranties of up to 25 

years are also available, with low-cost out-of-warranty inverter replacement at ~40% less than traditional 



SolarEdge Advantages

Manufacturing tolerance mismatch

The warranted output power range for PV modules 

received from a manufacturing plant may vary greatly. 

A standard deviation of ±3% is sufficient to result in 

~2% energy loss.

Soiling, shading and leaves

Module soiling, from dirt or bird droppings, contribute to mismatch between modules and strings. While there may be no obstructions during site design, throughout a residential system’s lifetime, a tree  may grow or a structure may be erected that creates uneven shading.

Uneven module aging

Module performance can degrade up to 20% over 20 years, however, each module ages at a different rate, 

causing aging mismatch, which increases over time.

SolarEdge Advantages

Module-Level Monitoring

Monitor the performance of each panel in your system to secure your long-term investment and help reduce O&M cost.

Monitor Home Consumption with a SolarEdge Energy Meter

The SolarEdge energy meter provides full insight into the electricity produced by your customer’s PV 

system and the household consumption 24 hours a day, displayed in the SolarEdge monitoring mobile 

app in an easy to understand format.